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Alex Harvey to Perform at Hatchie Fall Fest


You might call him Delta Blues or Country Rock; depending on the song he is singing, but the one consistent thread is definitely “SOUL.”


On Saturday, October 16, Alex Harvey will bring that “soul” to the 7th Annual Hatchie Fall Fest in Brownsville, Tenn. Sharing his unique style and sound; Harvey comes home to perform at 6 p.m., on the historic court square.


Alex Harvey was born and raised in Delta country, just outside of Brownsville, Tenn. With a multitude of influences such as the Blues his neighbors used to play on their porches, Country his mother loved, Big Band Swing his father favored, splashes of Rock and Roll and Folk and just when you think you've got a pot full of “gris gris” out comes deep, intimate, soulful songs like "Rueben James" and "Delta Dawn." It's no wonder he is hard to put into one category.


Harvey has been successful throughout the years, selling over 80 million recordings; each song recorded by just as diverse performers as his list of influences. Artists such as Sammy Davis, Jr., Henry Mancini, Andy Williams, Eydie Gorme', Peggy Lee and Andre Constelanetz have recorded songs of his which were written for film. Other artists like Bette Midler, Tanya Tucker, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmy Buffet and many more have been successful in their own careers utilizing one or several of Alex's songs; Kenny Rogers recorded over 17 of his.


Yet, with such songwriting acclaim, his creativity led him in a variety of other avenues. He has earned a Master's Degree from Murray State University, taught music for two years, which he later exchanged a career in the classroom for the stage. Not long after, he found himself in Los Angeles studying acting with classmates such as Patrick Swayze, Tony Danza, Priscilla Presley and Michelle Pfiffer and soon began accepting roles in film and television; his first role being opposite friend and mentor, James Garner in "The Long Summer of George Adams."


Even with a substantial career in the film industry, this talented artist could not deny the passion that called him home. With a new Christian Music CD, he continues to work hard to be worthy of the ministry it has spawned. Alex sheds light on his next move by saying, "I need to deliver the message...that really moves me. I'm just gonna pray and watch for God's next opening door."


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